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Written in 2020

Budehuc is a small castle in the world of Suikoden, located between Grassland and Zexen and plays a major role in the events of Suikoden III.

This game is not short of many interesting places like Chisha, Caleria or Alma Kinan village.

Like previous headquarters, Budehuc is a castle that has been expanded to be some sort of a town where the players army can regroup and take breaks from the journey.

Budehuc? Toran? Dunan?

Budehuc has a especially nice scenery, as most of the buildings are half-timbered houses, the castle itself is nice, not too huge and in the backyard, there is a ship that once crashed into the castle and will later be used for accomodations.

The castle grows as players recruit more party members and can offer all of the services a regular town can plus a lot of mini games. There's a lot of time to spend, and that's one of the appeals that Budehuc has. It is a beautiful little town with inhabitants from all over the world. It is nice spending some time there between missions.

The castle itself is, for the first time in the series, not managed by the games' main hero, but rather by Thomas, whose story itself is a side story to the main game. The castle can be renamed after some time, and if players decide to name it "Toran" or "Dunan" in reference to the previous games, some characters may react to it.

At the beginning of the game, the castle laid on neutral ground that belonged neither to Grasslands nor Zexen.

There's also a running gag within the game that the name of the town is hard to pronounce.

Screenshots have been taken in part from Gensopedia

About this town

Name: Budehuc Castle (can be renamed)
Game: Suikoden III
Type: Headquarter town, regular town
Recommended for: Great architecture, scenery, services
Look out for: Boats.

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