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Written in 2006

The former glory of Suikoden peeled off a little before the release of Suikoden V. Suikoden III and IV weren't as popular as their prede-cessors, IV was even consi-dered being mediocre by many gamers. So it was Suikoden V's duty to bring back the glory of the old games, and as reviews around the globe confirmed, Suikoden V did a pretty good job in doing so. The only small downer about this was that Suikoden V was only able to be acknowledged as a "very good" game lacking the "absolutely astonishing"-factor of its predecessors.

Falena civil war

The Scarlet Moon succession war had just ended in the world of Suikoden, the ferocious Kalekka incident was now known to all strategists around the world when in a country far to the south another tragedy is on the rise. Falena, a lush land blessed by the gigantic river Feitas is going to break apart. The land, founded long ago by a single woman wearing the sun rune is a little different from the countries in the northern continent. It it a queendom, always ruled by women who are said to be descendants of the first queen. At the beginning of Suikoden V, the country is going to fall apart. The current queen is the daughter of a queen who murdered her own sister in order to claim the throne and after a foreign invasion eight years ago, the country is split into two fractions: The hardliner fraction of Lord Godwin who wants to destroy all enemies of Falena and the fraction of Lord Barows who loves to smoothtalk while making dirty plans. The husband of the queen, officially commander of the queen's knights along with all the male royalties, does not have much power within Falena. To get the Queen her husband, "Sacred Games" are held every now and then to determine who will be allowed to marry into the royal family. The "Sacred Games" is a tournament where possible husbands fight against each other. Since there is also the possibility to send some gladiators into the fight instead of fighting yourself, mostly nobles who hire the most skilled gladiators win the hand of the future queen. Suikoden V starts with new "Sacred Games" which are held to determine the future husband of our Hero's sister, Lymsleia. It is most likely that either the Barows' or the Godwins' gladiators win, but who knows?


Main hero: "The Prince" (no official name has been announced)
Main heros true rune: Dawn Rune + Twilight Rune
Countries involved: Queendom of Falena, Island Nations Federation, New Armes Kingdom, Naganara, Scarlet Moon Empire.
Game timeline:
Suikoden 1: IS 455 (+6)
Suikoden 2: IS 460 (+11)
Suikoden 3: IS 475 (+26)
Suikoden 4: IS 305 (-144)
Suikoden 5: IS 449

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