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Written in 2006

The fourth installment of the games is some kind of "back to the roots" game. All innovations that were included in Suikoden III vanished in Suikoden IV - gameplay-wise, it's almost like Suikoden I, with the only difference that you can only have four of your stars in your party at the same party. The strategy battles are now on ships, as is your base. The whole game is often playing out on the sea, this time you don't have a specific, big country to defend, this time it's about uniting countless little states on the ocean southern of Kooluk and Toran.

Establishing the Island Nations

In IS 298, Kooluk tries to invade the small Kingdom of Obel. As a result, Obel's queen uses the most cursed of the 27 true Runes, the Rune of Punishment, which is fatal for her. The son of the King is also missing since then. Seventeen years later, Kooluk (together with the "Merchant of Deatn", Graham Cray) again wages an attack against the nations in the southern sea, showing their ultimate power by completely destroying a big island. The Dukedom of Gaien soon gets out of the war by sacrifying their outpost Razril. A knight of Razril, involved by the turn of events fights the pirate Brandeau. The captain of the young knight Lazlo is cursed with the Rune of Punishment from the dying pirate. Back in Razril, the captain dies and Lazlo gets sued because his former friend Snowe accuses him to have killed general Glen. Banned from Razril, Lazlo and some friends are taken in by Obel, soon becoming their only hope in another war against Kooluk.


Main hero: Lazlo
Main heros true rune: Rune of Punishment
Countries involved: Kooluk, Obel, Gaien, Scarlet Moon Empire
Game timeline:
Suikoden 1: IS 455 (+150)
Suikoden 2: IS 460 (+155)
Suikoden 3: IS 475 (+170)
Suikoden 4: IS 305
Suikoden 5: IS 449 (+144)

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