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Written in 2006

The second Suikoden, released in 1999, has already been bided by the fans when it hit the stores. The graphics were still in 2D, but about the best of their kind in a RPG back then, the sound was fabulous and the story was more touching than before. Some actually say that the story is a bit too touching and a tad too sad for what's happening in the game - I rather like the description Shadowraven wrote in his review here on RPG-O-Mania in 2000: "Suikoden II is the RPG with the most heart ever seen"

Dunan unification war

Two friends from the city of Kyaro were on a border patrol along with their corps of the Highland Army Unicorn Brigade. They have been together since childhood - Riou, an orphan raised by an old martial arts master and Jowy, son of a local nobleman. Nanami, third one of the group and step-sister of Riou, was at home when the Unicorn Brigade's camp was raided at night, officially by soliders of Highland's neighbouring country, the City State of Jowston. In fact, it was Highland's prince Luca Blight who raided the camp so that he can start a war with Jowston. Jowy and Riou, however, managed to survive and return to Kyaro, but they were forced out of the city again, sucked in by the struggle of war. They joined up with a band of mercenaries in Jowston, fighting for the government to support the army. At least until one day, when the governess of Muse was assassinated by Jowy - he then joined the Highland army again, siding against his old friends Riou and Nanami.


Main hero: Riou
Main heros true rune: Bright Shield Rune (half of the Rune of the Beginning)
Countries involved: City State of Jowston, Toran Republic, Highland. Jowston was founded in IS 314 by various city-states after General Joswtone defended those areas when Highland attacked. Highland itself was founded in IS 237 by Maroux Blight, being a former part of Harmonia. It's settled between Jowson and Harmonia.
Game timeline:
Suikoden 1: IS 455 (-5)
Suikoden 2: IS 460
Suikoden 3: IS 475 (+15)
Suikoden 4: IS 305 (-155)
Suikoden 5: IS 449 (-11)

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