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Some tips

This is another one of the pretty old sections rpg-o-mania has to offer. It's basically some tips I found out back in the day when playing Suikoden and I put them online. This is not comprehensive, but this information belongs to this site and so it is here!

Please be warned that there are spoilers!

Use for binoculars

You may have wondered what reason the binoculars have you get from Ivanov when he finished his mural. After you got them, you can change the camera angle in battles with pressing the triangle, square, circle or X Button on control pad 2.

Secret ending

Well, the "special" ending is not really special, and it's "simple" to get. Just have all the 108 Stars of Destiny recruited (Pahn and Gremio alive) and the very end of the ending will be different.

How to win with Pahn

Pahn will meet General Teo in the middle of the game (approximately) and is forced to fight him in a "one-to-one-battle". You will probably lose, but you mustn't! If Pahn dies, Gremio cannot be saved!

To win the battle, Pahn should be at least level 35. And you should know what attacks Teo is planning... check the table below to win the battle!

Teo's message Teo action Pahn action
"Finish me with a single blow!" D. Attack Def
"Impossible! Take that!" D. Attack Def
"If you don't attack, I will!" D. Attack Def
"The nmext one will be more painful." D. Attack Def
"My sword is the emperor's sword. No mercy, Pahn!" D. Attack Def
"My killer blade..." D. Attack Def
"The numbness in my hands, it's real." Attack Def
"Is that all you've got? Now it's my turn." Attack Def
"All you can do is defend yourself, Pahn? No mercy!" Attack Def
"Pretty good, Pahn." Attack Def
"My sword's not rusty yet." Attack Def
"Get serious, Pahn. This is how it's done." Attack Def
"Did you see me coming?" Attack Def
"I'm losing my cool. Better be careful." Def Attack
"Strike me, Pahn!" Def Attack
"You're a smart one, Pahn." Def Attack
"Good work, Pahn. I'll have to be more careful." Def Attack
"Good one, Pahn. See if you can kill me." Def Attack
"I'll see that coming next time!" Def Attack

How to get Gremio back in your party

As you know, Gremio can't be saved at Soniere Prison no matter what you do. If you get all of the other 107 Stars of Destiny, you can revive Gremio. These are the requirements that Gremio can be revived:

· All of the other stars are alive (meaning no one died in Battle) · You got all characters before the final big "army vs. army" battle against Yuber.

If you meet these prerequisites, Gremio will be revived before the last battle.

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