Breath of Fire pins

Written in 2019

Breath of Fire has a great fandom and there hasn't been a new game out there for over a decade (not counting Breath of Fire 6, which was a mobile game that just happened to have the name). So I thought I'd do something nice for the fans - namely, pins.

What can you do with these pins? You can use them in signatures, as avatars in social media, forums and so on - if you want to show your love with Breath of Fire, you can use these digital pins everywhere. There is no watermark whatsoever in them, so it's all about showing love for Breath of fire.

More pins will be added in the future! Just click on the boxes to open the pins as images. Please note that some pins look a bit blurry when opened in their big version. These should look better as avatars on higher resolution images, though. If you have any feedback, please leave us a comment in the contact section.

Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire 2

Breath of Fire 3

Breath of Fire 4

Breath of Fire 5

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