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02.02.2006 Breath of Erkill, excuse me, Fire.
Heh, much time has passed since we had updates on a daily basis. This update is more or less some kind of accident anyway. While trying to find out, where I can purchase the Breath of Fire Complete Works book for a reasonable price, I stumbled over these great Breath of Fire Artworks. They're mostly in the "old" style, pre-III. I recommend you to take a look at them, they're just incredibly beautiful.

We've also got a new affiliate: Radiata Stories Haven. The game was one of the best RPGs in 2005, and now there's a site online worthy of the game. It's really worth a click.

<posted by: DocOwer>

02.01.2006 Complete Works.
I really hate it when "amount of work for update" does not equal with "size of update". So, although it required so much time to prepare this update, it's just three images. Two are to be found in the Breath of Fire images gallery, one in the Breath of Fire wallpapers gallery. Duh. DocOwer end.

The Enemy! I think..

Some people might get the impression we are obsessed with Sony and Nintendo-releases, but fear not - there is an Microsoft XBox360-game to be featured here. Today!
NNN - "Ninety-Nine Nights" seems to have got a launch-date and could be a good and fun game like Dynasty Warriors (uh - i said it. Don't kill me, i really had some fun playing Vol. 4 for the first time!) - and Tetsuya Mizuguchi is involved as well.
Reason enough to take a look at the (little but good) stuff Game Watch has up, check out the links they put up as well ... now WHERE are YOU looking?!

And, finally, another Code Age Update, this time it's just another Code Age Brawls Community-update which is pretty useless unless you are Japanese AND you are a kanji-pro. Well, that's it for today, thanks for reading! *crosses his fingers*

<posted by: DocOwer & Vio >

01.31.2006 Wallpapers and links.
Here we continue to update the things that arrived here while I was focused on my exams (cross your fingers for me that I passed them all, it's quite important, thanks in advance!).

First of all, I checked out the links and fixed some broken buttons (sorry to RPGeternal that it took me so long!). To have some things for you to enjoy artwork-wise, I decided to upload Breath of Fire and Radiata Stories Wallpapers.

<posted by: DocOwer>

01.28.2006 Flatlined (also known as "gameov").
Uh. Exams. So much to do... finally, an end is in sight, so I'm starting to update the stuff that's been arriving here the last days. Xenosaga images are the first to be uploaded, hope you like it. More frequent updates by me will follow soon!

on another note: the quote inside the parenthesis' is just an insider joke. Don't worry, I'm still sane... at least I'm not more insane that I'm use to be normally.
<posted by: DocOwer>

01.27.2006 A(nother) Disaster Report?
No, the site isn't damaged or down, it's just that IREM released the Game "Disaster Report" back in 2002/2003 in Europe and in the USA. Now there is a second installment seeing it's release soon, as IREM announced today.

With elements that include action/adventure, survival, mystery, and puzzle, it's hard to tell what "Zettai Zetsumei" (the japanese title) is, but you should take a look yourself, you can find some cheap copies all over ebay. I got one for 2.50 and it's really worth it.

Anyway, the official "Zettai Zetsumei 2"-Website is only available in japanese language, but if you want to make sure for yourself - the Releasedate. FINALLY!
Be sure to visit their Tomisaka City Fake-Website as well and rejoice in Life!

Update: You really should check out that Fake Webcam ... nothing has happened until now, but - you never know what might happen! Xenosaga III has a major update-blowout as well, take a look at the huge amount of screenshots Game Watch has put online. And ... M.O.M.O?!
<posted by: Vio>

01.26.2006 Suikoden V news, playing Vio.
Heh, I guess you wouldn't expect a news-only post from me. To be honest, I've got loads of art to update, but today I haven't got the time for this. Yet, something's so important that I take the time to announce it:

Suikoden V US-release revealed!
I know, those news are nothing special, I found them worthy to be mentioned anyway, being a huge Suikoden fan myself. There are also informations abo
ut the gameplay system available now. The german RPG-Site RPG-Reich posted screenshots which show more of the new gameplay. Now, it seems the strategy-part is equally important in the game as the "usual" RPG business. Innovations are not always good, but at least Konami doesn't recycle old gameplay elements all the time. Maybe it's gonna work out!

Ah, on another note... did you notice that my headline of tuesday was the same of last saturday? I just forgot to replace it, as if Vio's "forgotten headlines" post announced it..

<posted by: DocOwer>

01.24.2006 More Game Arts.
As Vio stated yesterday, you can always notice me if you see something that's to be improved here on the website (well, you actually can also send me an e-mail when there's nothing to improve). Anyway, thanks again to him for posting the news, I found myself eagerly browsing through the news, especially Tales of the Tempest looks pretty promising.

Actually, this leads to the topic of today's update: There are new pictures in the Tales of and Breath of Fire galleries.
<posted by: DocOwer>

01.23.2006 Forgotten Headlines
If you like the new design as much as i do, drop DocOwer a line or two and let him know what could be done to make RPG-O-MANIA even more impressive and accessible for you - don't hesitate to do so!

And yeah - it's time for another update, are you ready for some RPG-action?

  • Thanks to Majoria's News for pointing out a major update of the Tales of the Tempest-website. Screenshots, Artworks and Character-information wait to be checked out, go there now if you haven't already seen the upcoming DS-Tales-game!
  • Namco again: Game Watch has posted new Xenosaga I+II-screenshots. Heck, i have to admit i'm getting interested how good that game will do despite of being a "downgrade". But maybe it's just me loving sprites?
  • The usual Code Age Commanders-Update: How could ANYONE do without Code Age?
    Anyway, are you an Code Age Fan? You have enough money to spare? Then go and check out an Ebay-auction offering the official "Code Age PS2 Promo Box", featuring the cards, the artbook and the "Code Age Archives" manga. And if you are there, why not getting the Strategy Guide as well? Unfortunately the items are japanese only ...
  • And last but not least - if you haven't visited the official Okami-website yet, be sure to take a look and click around a bit. Even if you don't understand anything, be sure to NOT click on that little fellow in the bottom-left corner. You did, didn't you? Now see what you have done ...

  • Well, that's it everyone, be sure to check back, at least in four days. You'll see why!
    <posted by: Vio>

    01.21.2006 More Game Arts.
    Finally, a little break in-between exams. I used this somewhat relaxing day to do some bigger update. There are loads of new Lunar-Images online, the layout changed again as well. Hope you like everything.
    <posted by: DocOwer>

    01.18.2006 Grandia everywhere.
    While I'm still in the middle of heavy (and decisive, heck) exams, I don't want to neglect this site so I'm updating the page in my breaks. There are new Grandia III-wallpapers in the Grandia wallpapers gallery.
    <posted by: DocOwer>

    01.16.2006 - Do we have to fight alone?
    Just a small News-update today, but GameWatch has the final japanese boxart-design for Yggdra Union up, as well as pics from two goodies. ... You haven't heard of Yggdra Union?
    It might be time then to check out the official website. As you might have noticed already, Yggdra Union is from Sting - Riviera anyone?

    Check the Download-section of the website featuring trailers, wallpapers (if you like the boxart-design, get the wallpaper!) and some cute animated gifs - let's hope that it might be released over here as well!

    update: The new Bumpy Trot wallpapers are now online in the corresponding gallery.
    <posted by: Vio & DocOwer >

    01.14.2006 - Update Strike - Round Rip Saber!
    Uhm ... sorry for the lack of news updates for some time (now it's my turn to apologize, gomen!) ... so i'll give you a quick shot what you might have missed:

  • Let's start with some new Baten Kaitos II-screenshots - most probably every Baten-Fan can't wait for this game to be released, eh? Now, take a look and see why! (via gamewatch)
  • If that FFXII-PS2 still isn't enough for the die-hard FF-Fans out there, be sure to grab the official SquareEnix FFXII-Controller, more information and pictures can be found at GameWatch.
  • The usual Code Age Project-Newslink is here as well, this time it's a Code Age Brawls-Update, take a look at the playable Characters by navigating there via "system" and "play character". What a shame we won't get to play that game ...
  • Finally, the official Bumpy Trot-website has some new wallpapers posted, too. You can grab either the japanese ones or the english ones. Hm ... i can't wait to get my hands on that game, that's for sure!

  • Well, it might be a bit late, but i wish you all a good new year and please check back frequently for more RPG-coverage. Thanks for visiting!

    <posted by: Vio>

    01.13.2006 Now that's more like it!
    No silly excuses this time. I added seven great artworks of Square's upcoming Final Fantasy XII to the Final Fantasy gallery.
    <posted by: DocOwer>

    01.11.2006 Sorry, so sorry.
    Gnaw, I didn't have time for an update again, big sorry to all of you. I have some things already planned or started with, but since it's exams time once again, I don't have so much free time as I wish I had. For the time being, I hope you like the new header (reload the page if you don't see a new image).
    <posted by: DocOwer>

    01.08.2006 Grandia Greatness reloaded.
    Another set of neat Grandia images have been added to the Grandia gallery. This time, it's concept and group artwork of Grandia III.
    <posted by: DocOwer>

    01.05.2006 Grandia Greatness.
    There are now 20 new images at the Grandia gallery, they're quite great concept artwork. This is quite much, the galleries are replenishing again after japanese fanart was abandoned after some legal problems. It's a win/win situation anyway. For the companies, pages like these are some kind of advertisment and therefore tolerated and supported, and the visitors of the pages can enjoy great artwork.
    <posted by: DocOwer>

    01.03.2006 Code Age 500'000.
    As promised last year, the Code Age section got its own identity and there's now an online manual to Code Age Commanders online. I still hope this isn't the final solution and that I can someday support an english version of this game, but until now, we can at least play it.

    Another neat thing: The visitor count reached the 500'000 users mark. Now half a million is full, thanks a lot to all the visitors! My friend Klaus Reinbach III from dreamanime.de drew this nice picture in tradition of japanese websites:

    <posted by: DocOwer>

    12.31.2005 Bye bye, 2005.
    "This is it, the final update before 2006". This is how I wanted to start this update's news text, but then I realized that it is almost the same wording I used before christmas 2005. The fact is, this actually is the final update in 2005, so it wasn't half wrong either. Oh well...

    This year was pretty good for RPG-O-Mania, the visitor count gained over 250.000 unique visitor, it's now close to 500.000. In the final update of 2004, I postet update statistics of how often the site was updated in 2004. Back then, the results were that updates occured every 6.3 days.

    In 2005, the page was updated exactly 150 times. This means, the page was updated every 2.43 days, so you could say there's an update every second and a half day here. This is a huge improvement compared to 2004, and has two reasons. The first one is Vio, staffer and a very good friend of mine who helps me a lot with this page. The other reason is that in 2005 I really enjoyed RPGs and played quite many of them: Tales of Symphonia, Suikoden IV, Lunar Legend, Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete, Radiata Stories, Final Fantasy VII, Grandia II and now Suikoden Tactics. This is a whole lot, and fun with many RPGs is very helpful for a RPG site, as you would surely agree.

    Enough with this rant - there are new wallpapers in the Suikoden wallpaper gallery and some nice spirit artworks from Children of Mana in the Seiken Densetsu gallery. Have a happy 2006!

    <posted by: DocOwer>

    12.28.2005 Eternal Blue.
    I recoverd, and so did my english. There's a new soundtrack reviewed at the spotlight section, Lunar - Eternal Blue. A soundtrack with lots of historical background, I hope you find the report interesting.

    update 12.29.2005: sometimes things just fit together, in a quite ironical way. The mistake I made yesterday ("recoverd") was some kind of prediction of how I feel today. Sniff.
    <posted by: DocOwer>

    12.26.2005 Feel the fiery breath.
    I hate being sick. The brain seems to work much slower than it usually does and you're kinda demotivated. This is why I can't continue to review soundtracks, so I added some media instead. There are several new pictures to be found in the Breath of Fire gallery. There are also two new midis (Star Ocean 2 and 3) online.

    Update: Phew, Square Enix really showed off some great stuff in the past few days. First of all, you should check out the official Grandia III-site and the japanese World of Mana-pages. There are new trailers viewable for Grandia III, Children of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 4. I especially recommend you to check out the Mana-trailers - the Grandia-trailer is interesting for all the Grandia-fans, but it's very short and too small. The Seiken Densetsu trailers, however, are very interesting and bring up nice memories to former games of the series. I'm a little irritated, why they state "Seiken Densetsu 4" as a "Action-Adventure" and Children of Mana as "Action-RPG". I'm looking forward to both titles anyway.
    <posted by: DocOwer>

    12.23.2005 The Villager's Chorus.
    This is it, the final update before christmas 2005. As a little present for you, I created a whole new section, "Spotlight Soundcheck". There you're going to find reviews of soundtracks. The first Soundtrack reviewed is the Code Age Commanders OST, a very recommendable piece of music. There are also several new pictures in the Xeno gallery.

    Okay, so now it's time to wish you all merry christmas and/or a happy holiday season. I thought a lot if I should wish the visitors of RPG-O-Mania "merry christmas", actually. Many people are not christian, and I heard from friends that christmas can be very annoying to them.

    If you are not christian, please do not feel offended by my season's greeting a paragraph above. I just want anyone to stay healthy, enjoy the time with the ones you love. No matter if it's christmas time or not, health, bliss and love are the most important things in life.
    <posted by: DocOwer>

    12.20.2005 Radiating stars, cyborgs and wretched galaxies.
    Big thanks to Vio again who supported you with interesting news while I had no time to update the page. I really can't wait for Suikoden V and Grandia III... especially since the latter is going to be released so soon.

    Anyway, I added some nice pictures to the Radiata Stories, Rogue Galaxy (yup, that one's new) and Xeno galleries.

    To give the Code Age overkill, stated by Vio yesterday a top, the soundtrack of Commanders finally arrived here. I'm currently listening to it, I will post a detailed review tomorrow or the day after.

    <posted by: DocOwer>

    12.19.2005 Not exactly a "Star of Destiny" ...
    but be sure to mark the 23rd February in 2006. Why? Suikoden V will ship then according to Game Watch! Damn, i really like the Cover-artwork (thanks at Game Watch again), which can also be seen if you visit the official Suikoden V-site.

    Well, if you are there, you can also take a look at the download-section. Grab some movies (you already might have seen *uhm*) or listen to the samples. Wanted to remind you, just in case you don't know what to do after you have seen the frontpage-image. So visit the Konami Suikoden-Site more often - featuring all the Suikoden-games you ever dream of!

    Update: Now, this is getting a "Code Age News-Overkill"-day ...
    Square-Enix has opened their Code Age Brawlers Community-site, you HAVE to see that site. Even if you don't understand anything, choose one of the different background-songs (accessible via the config-menupoint to the left) and listen.
    <posted by: Vio>

    12.18.2005 Jenseits von Gut und Böse
    Yeah, as you probably might have thought already, it's all about the third installment in the Xenosaga-series. Gamewatch has some Ingame-screenshots which make me wonder if this is still a PS2-game.

    If you are looking for Shion in her Beach-dress, head over to Game Watch, you won't find it here. Well, at least just a small teaser is allowed, i think.
    <posted by: Vio>

    12.16.2005 Bo.
    As promised yesterday, today's some new information online. Especially for the Phantasy Star fans this time, since I tried to gain information about the music composer of Phantasy Star 1, 2 and 4, Tokuhiko Uwabo, also called "Bo". His profile can be found in the musicians section.

    Ah, by the way, I just switched over to a cleaner code in the news section, this is why it's so empty here.
    <posted by: DocOwer>

    12.11.2005 - "Were you slacking? You were slacking!".
    Aw sorry, I wasn't able to update anything the past few days. I'm always displeased whenever I have to neglect the website. I'm working on some coverage right now, I'm sure it will be online tomorrow. Until then, you could pay a visit to RPG-O-Mania's new affiliate "Vast Lands of Grandia". Even though their news script seems screwed up right now, the site is really offering good information about Grandia.

    So stay tuned for tomorrow, and sorry.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    12.11.2005 - Get ready for Grandia III, and watch Magna Carta.
    Yay, finally SquareEnix USA is doing some official stuff for the US-version of Grandia III - the official site has been opened; it is still only a teaser though. In the past few weeks, I played Grandia II, and right now, I'm watching Vio playing Grandia at weekends. Those games are so great, I just can't wait for GIII to be released. Only the upcoming releases of Suikoden V and Valkyrie Profile 2 can keep up with that for me.

    Thanks to Ruro, who sent me a bunch of official Magna Carta Artwork - it's to be foud in the newly opened Magna Carta gallery.

    Ah, and there's also a cool new pic in the Final Fantasy gallery.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    12.09.2005 - It ... it cannot be!
    Even Valkyrie can't believe it - yes, there is going to be a Valkyrie Profile Lenneth for the PSP as well, at least Square-Enix has announced there will be. So it's really true!
    There are even two logo-artworks around (posted by gamewatch) - be prepared for more information to come!

    And if that weren't enough - Code Age Commanders finally strikes again:
    There are two new books available with one being a strategy guide, but unfortunately i can't decipher the second ones title ... i will update as soon as details emerge. Stay tuned!
    < Posted by: Vio>

    12.07.2005 - Valkyrie Profile Greatness
    You might have heard that there are rumours spreading of Valkyrie Profile (tri-Ace, 2000) might be released as a port on Sony's Playstation Portable. Those rumors are still unconfirmed, but according to several game sites, this is fixed:

    Valkyrie Profile Silmeria seems to be confirmed. So tri-Ace really releases a successor to one of its most renown RPGs. Congrats on this decision, if it is actually true. The game's said to be a prequel of the original game, let's all hope that the rumors are true AND there will be an english release of the game.

    Being in a Valkyrie Profile mood today, I added some pics to the VP gallery.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    12.05.2005 - If you prefer the normal galleries...
    ...then this update is something for you. There are several very good pictures available in the Breath of Fire, Radiata Stories and Suikoden-galleries.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    12.02.2005 - more PlayStation Portable stuff.
    Thanks again to Heimdall who submitted another set of PSP wallpapers!
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    12.01.2005 - PSP stuff.
    I created some PSP wallpapers again, I hope you like them. It's a little hard to arrange the pictures correctly without a PSP, so I hope they look good on your PSP.

    Thanks to Heimdall for submitting the cool "vincent" wallpaper!
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    11.28.2005 - So much to tell.
    This update is a little late again, but this time there's a handful of topics I want to write down.

    First of all, this site has got a new top-level domain. rpg-o-mania.de is still functional and I do not intend to shut it down at all, but the new address
    www.rpg-o-mania.net fits an english site more than the german .de address. You can use whichever URL you like to. Basically, I wanted to have the .com domain, but some sort of cheap domain seller bought it up. Don't ever think I'm gonna buy it, .net does just fine.

    Of course, I didn't update the site just to tell you that it is now accessible via two domains. Viewtiful Jaber once again sent me some great images from Breath of Fire, which now can be found in the gallery there. He sent me much more than I updated today, but the scans are sometimes of minor quality and I have to polish them up a bit first.

    Last but not least, my buddy Kilu showed me some pretty cool RPG music page. RPGamers is a nice site for all your music needs, with some nifty features you surely want to check out. It's a little sad though that this site is plagued with some annoying popups. Nevertheless, the content is grade a, so pay them a visit if you've got some time!
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    11.25.2005 - Fifth impact of 108 stars.
    It took me some time to finish it, but now it's online - the new Suikoden V spotlight. Being a huge fan of the series myself, I wanted to catch as many informations as possible, including impressions of fans and so. So it took a little longer than usual, thanks to Vio for updating the site while I was busy.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    11.23.2005 - A bumpy way ahead
    *uhum* Well, if you did miss it like i did, you might want to know that Bumpy Trot will hit US-Shelves in 2006 thanks to Atlus. I know, i know ... it was confirmed some 20 days ago, gomen for missing that one.
    Anyway, Atlus decided to call it "Steambot Chronicles" ... well, i wished they would stick to "Bumpy Trot", but as long as it comes around ... fine with me.

    Regarding Code Age Commanders ... well, we are still waiting for our soundtracks to ship.
    < Posted by:

    11.20.2005 - tri-Ace update.
    Some new informations can be found in the tri-Ace profile. Another rather small update, sorry.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    11.17.2005 - Small fry.
    Two new images in the Grandia gallery and three images in the Final Fantasy gallery added. Sorry, this is kinda lame compared to the last updatest, but it's a little stressy out there these days!
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    11.14.2005 - Grandiaaaaaaa - II.
    As promised, the afterplay spotlight of Grandia II is now online.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    11.12.2005 - An updates' odyssey.
    This was the plan: First I wanted to write a Grandia II review for the afterplay spotlight section, then a pre-play spotlight for Suikoden V along with some cool Suikoden images. Well, I still haven't finished Grandia II, so I was neither able to write the review nor did the Suikoden V spotlight take shape. It's dull to postpone to update stuff you have, so there they are: nice and artistic Suikoden images.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    11.10.2005 - Trotting around.
    There's a new wallpaper gallery open with lots of Bumpy Trot wallpapers. I really hope that Irem's RPG is as good as it looks.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    11.08.2005 - New Grandia stuff.
    I found another couple of cool Grandia II images, so you can find them now in the Grandia gallery. By the way, there are several great news out there! Grandia III will be released in the U/C reg... okay, we already had that, it's kind of an automatism that I post those news over and over again...

    Jokes aside, I'm talking about Bumpy Trot, a promising RPG created by the creators of the great "R-Type"-series, Irem. Maybe you would like to take a closer look at their english website. The game is available in Japan only until now, but EBGames has already listed it as at available for preorder. Let's hope the best.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    11.06.2005 - Finarry.
    I already thought it would never, ever happen again, but the
    Suikoden Overview
    is finally online! I hope you can enjoy it, and that it was worth the wait!
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    11.04.2005 - first Code Age Commanders impressions.
    Vio and I finally got our own Code Age Commanders, japanese only though. I took it from Vio forcefully and was able to post some first impressions in the existing spotlight.

    Now it's my time for announcing that we will get our hands at the soundtrack soon, it's just a matter of time. Maybe in two weeks or so you will be able to read our impressions, until then be sure to check back next week for some Code Age Impressions. And if you haven't already read Doc's first impressions, GO NOW!
    < Posted by: DocOwer & Vio>

    11.01.2005 - Not really satisfying.
    Humph, I don't really progress in what I wanted to do for this page. The Suikoden overview is taking much more time than I expected. I added some artworks, but it's nothing too big again. Sorry! The pics can be found in the grandia gallery and grandia wallpapers sections.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    10.28.2005 - More than a teaser.
    But not much more, to be honest. I found three neat Phantasy Star Ultimate images which can now be found in the Phantasy Star gallery. I hope the game really turns out to be a good offline/online-RPG, but I can imagine it's hard to create a game that's good in both aspects. The bigger update is still in preparation!
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    10.26.2005 - Sorry, it's just a teaser this time.
    Since this stupid thing called real life is once more a little too stressful for my taste, I was forced to neglect RPG-O-Mania a bit the past few days. As some kind of excuse, I want to tease you a little then: Right now I'm working on two things. The first one is my solo project, a "Suikoden"-Overview with gimmicks like a interactive map and so. The second one is a cooperation with Vio, but it's not even in alpha-state right now. The upcoming "Code Age Commanders"-Shrine is just a project, yet you can take a little peek into the splashscreen already:

    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    10.23.2005 - When CGs surpass drawn artworks.
    I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks that the CG artworks of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time surpass the drawn artworks of the game by far? The artist draws a bit too simple. Don't get me wrong, the artworks are still pretty neat, so be sure to check them out.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    10.22.2005 - GU-Mania
    After the Code Age Overkill you might want to know about other games as well - so you might want to take a look at the official .hack//GU-website.
    They feature some new stuff there, maybe you should take a look at the new characters they introduced since the last newspost.

    Well, if .hack//GU isn't your game, take a look at the Code Age Commanders Gallery - many thanks to DocOwer for that High-Quality stuff!
    < Posted by: Vio>

    10.19.2005 - I command thee to look at the Code Age.
    Okay, I do not really command you, but if I hadn't, there would have been an even more meaningless headline. Muah, anyway, there's a new gallery online, covering Code Age Commanders. The game still looks promising.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    10.18.2005 - Greatness.
    This time, there are some neat artworks from Grandia 2 in the Grandia-gallery. I neglected the game a bit in the past, sorry for that.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    10.16.2005 - Review Stories.
    There's a new review online, it's about Radiata Stories this time. Hope you like it. By the way, big thanks to fuxx1.0, wo fixed all the remaining technical problems here!
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    10.14.2005 - More stuff and news.
    I added the new Code Age wallpaper to the (guess) Code Age gallery. There's also an interesting piece of news I picked up surfing rpgamer

    "The November issue of Official Playstation Magazine revealed in a preview that Grandia III, developed by Game Arts, will be localized in North America in Spring 2006. While this isn't exactly a full confirmation of the game's eventual release, it does point to the fact its localization is looking probable at the moment."

    This news article is not the newest one, but I felt the urge to post it, maybe there are Grandia fans who just waited for those news and haven't noticed them already.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    10.13.2005 - Code Age Release Day!
    Well, FINALLY it's time to announce the release of Code Age Commanders - took quite some time, but with the game being released today, there sure is a lot of news and information soon to come, so be sure to check back fore further CaC-news the next days.
    Until then, take a look at the Code Age Commanders-Homepage and be sure to check out the new movie-clip, which is providing you with some new (and never seen before) in-game impressions.

    ... You want more? Okay then, grab the newest wallpaper to have some Code Age desktop-commander action as well!

    Okay, now it's DocOwers part: Code Age Commanders was ranked 32/40 in the japanese Famitsu magazine (8/8/8/8), a quite formidable rating if you ask me. By the way, now all parts of the site that didn't work until now work again.
    < Posted by: Vio & DocOwer>

    10.12.2005 - Autumn.
    Basically, I wanted to announce the new layout with a nice, slightly depressed-sounding autumn poem, but I don't know the foggiest how's the copyright situation if I'm quoting a poem, so I thought I'd just tell you... well that the layout is now a little browner than before.
    By the way, it's Vios birthday today - I wish you a happy one, buddy!
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    10.11.2005 - Small but beautiful.
    Only three pages this time, one addition to the Radiata Stories gallery, the other two were put into the Seiken Densetsu gallery. Although they are not even a handful of pics, they're still pretty beautiful.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    10.08.2005 - Star Profile, Valkyrie Ocean.
    If you ever wondered how the artworks of Lenneth and Freija look like in Star Ocean 3, you should really go check out the Star Ocean gallery. There are some other pictures of less important characters as well.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    By the way, the guestbook was accidentally deleted during the server change, so it would be really neat of all those people who already posted there to re-post their comments. Big sorry for this mistake *bows*.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    10.07.2005 - Code Age Overkill
    Yup, another Update, two new trailers are available ... what are you waiting for? Just six days to go!
    < Posted by: Vio>

    10.05.2005 - Code Age Renewal
    The official Code Age Project-Homepage was redesigned completely and features a new look right now, and the official commercial is available as well. Be sure to check it out if only for the short commercial. Remember, it will be launched next week, so stay tuned for more Code Age Greatness!
    < Posted by: Vio>

    10.05.2005 - Radiata update.
    After playing through the game the first time, I thought it would be nice to give you some Radiata Stories images. It's a great game, I would recommend it to every RPG fan.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    10.03.2005 - A review and trouble.
    There's a new afterplay-spotlight online, it's about Star Ocean 2 and it might be a very controversal review this time. I'm curious what Star Ocean fans think about it.

    The other problem is, that after we moved the server, various things don't work correctly up to now. I hope this is fixed soon.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    09.30.2005 - Don't kick me...
    I'm sorry for the lack of updates from me, but I'm a little busy these days. So this update is almost embarrassing as well. Only one tiny midi found its way into the midi section. I'm working hard for this site, but sometimes I have to neglect it. I'm sorry, but as you may already guess, this is only temporary!
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    09.27.2005 - Code Age Tanioka
    Well, Kumi Tanioka is really doing the soundtrack, which will feature 2 CDs and be released on October the 19. And yeah, if you are checking for yourself, be sure to take a look at the characters at well, Havel is the newest character up there.

    ... what are you waiting for? Visit the official site!
    < Posted by: Vio>

    09.26.2005 - Fighting the shadowy gods
    If you haven't seen the Okami gallery yet, go and take a look before you move on to the official site. If you are able to read kanji, there you go, if you can't, take a look at the TGS 2005 trailer instead.

    And since I can't provide you with Code Age News today, take a look at the whimsical metamorphosis of Shion Uzuki from Xenosaga III, if you haven't already seen it. So long and till the next Code Age-Update!
    < Posted by: Vio>

    09.26.2005 - FF7, again.
    I stumbled upon another set of FFVII-images. They're not as cool as last time, but worth a view anyway.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    09.22.2005 - Not really a RPG, but...
    Okami just looks promising, so I opened a gallery for this unique game. The art looks really great, I recommend it!
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    09.20.2005 - Living '97.
    After Final Fantasy VII was covered in the last media update now it's time for a massive Grandia update. Thanks to Bowie, who sent me those great pics.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    09.18.2005 - Just for a short while.
    You might have noticed the "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children"-styled splashscreen. This one's just there for a short while, I just had to state that I cannot wait for the movie to be released in english language.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    09.17.2005 - You see what we play.
    Since I'm going to watch Advent Children soon, I decided to re-start Final Fantasy VII as well. Now I'm playing for about eleven hours, and this $%!# "enemy skill"-matiera just won't work. Bad luck, I guess. Nevertheless, I'm in a FFVII-mood right now and so I added some cool FFVII-images. Hope you like 'em!
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    09.16.2005 - Trailer Age Commanders
    Yet another update hits the official Code Age Commanders-Website, this time it's another character and - be sure to check it out - a new trailer. Now, it's really time to get our hands at that game, don't you think? Thank God it's scheduled to be released the next month, stay tuned for the final weeks!
    < Posted by: Vio>

    09.12.2005 - Take a deep breath.
    Updates to the Breath of Fire gallery happened often in the past, but now the gallery is a bit neglected. Well - it actually was, there are some great new pictures there. Two new Phantasy Star Online-wallpapers have also been added.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    09.10.2005 - Interact.
    The "Forums" link on the left navi bar has changed to "Interact"- now you can post your comments on a guestbook, we hope to read many entries from you soon!
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    09.08.2005 - A couple of midis and a teaser.
    Sorry, I'm not talking about any cool trailers I uploaded, but I'm talking about a new, more useful splashscreen that will show up online tomorrow or the day after. There will also be new ways of interaction online as well. Today, I added three midis. Sorry, not more, but I was working on the points mentioned before. I've got new pics as well, but they're not yet online.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    09.05.2005 - Game Arts.
    The bigger the stuff I updated, the smaller the news messages. This time, it's a report about the creator of some of the best RPGs - Game Arts. Read the article here.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    09.03.2005 - Oh geez.
    I always feel bad when I'm not updating the site on a regular basis, so I promise to add some more stuff in the next few days. Thanks a lot to Vio who made this nifty newspost, I recommend all of you to take a look at Okami. It really looks promising.

    Well, I didn't just post these news to tell you that I am planning to do updates - thanks to Jaber once more, I am actually able to present you some new pictures. If you're curious, you can take a look at them in the Suikoden gallery.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    09.01.2005 - Godspeak
    You might want to know that Clover, developer of "Okami", their upcoming PS2-title, has opened the official Okami-Website. For all the people which haven't heard of Okami yet, check out the (official) Gallery as well as the first trailer, the 2004 Tokyo Gameshow trailer and the 2005 E3-Trailer.
    The game will feature you, the god "Amaterasu", fighting the evil - for all the people interested in japanese deities and myths, keep an lookout for that game. And if you are in love with Okami now, build your own Amaterasu or get the official Wallpapers.
    < Posted by: Vio>

    08.29.2005 - Music overload.
    A new complete set of PSF files (Phantasy Star 2 remake) has been added today, there's also a new IT to be found in the music section.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    08.26.2005 - Code Age Goodies - reloaded!
    And another update for all the CaC-Fans out there - the official Code Age Commanders-Website now lists four Code-Age Goodies like postcards or a handsome sleeve case. That's it for today, but be sure to check back for more "Code Age Madness"!
    ... Halt! I nearly forgot to mention that Kumi Tanioka will be doing the CaC-Soundtrack, so take a look in the musician section as well! Big thanks for the update, DocOwer!

    Staff members from the german gaming magazine "Man!ac" were able to play Code Age Commanders for some time. This is what they stated about CaCs gameplay: Your party consists of three people where you can play one actively. The gameplay is action-based, so Code Age Commanders will be a Action RPG. Like in the fighter series "Tekken", the buttons are allocated with left and right attacks. You can combine those attacks to create mighty combos - if you're good enough, you're able to launch a powerful "code drive"
    < Posted by: Vio>

    08.25.2005 - Praise who deserves to be praised.
    The musician section has been expanded, this time it's all about Kumi Tanioka. She really deserves to be praised, you know.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    08.22.2005 - Media and stuff.
    There are loads of great images now in the Star Ocean gallery. The new Code Age wallpaper Vio mentioned yesterday is now in the corresponding gallery. By the way, I'm often adding surprise stuff without announcing it. So it's always worth to check out the galleries.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    08.21.2005 - Code Age Mania
    Time to grab a new Wallpaper from the official Code Age Commanders-Website! Be sure to check out the first samples from the Soundtrack as well. The CaC-opening-single by Kou Shibasaki will be released on October 5th this year with CaC being scheduled to be released on October 13th - so be prepared for upcoming news anytime!
    < Posted by: Vio>

    08.16.2005 - A Suikoden rhapsody.
    If you haven't noticed already, the official website of Suikoden 4's sidekick "Rhapsodia" has been opened here. The wallpapers offered there are also part of this site's Suikoden wallpapers section. On another note - I don't know if you noticed that there was a heavy mistake on the Noriyuki Iwadare page - all the midi examples linked to music created by Motoi Sakuraba (don't ever overdo copy & paste!). This mistake has been corrected now, and everyone gets the credits he deserves!
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    08.15.2005 - Think intensively about your strategy.
    My news headers really suck these days. I hope the re-opened Shining Force strategy guide does not.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    08.13.2005 - um... new Midis.
    I don't know if my english skills are slowly leaving me or if I'm just too uncreative these days to come up with some neat news header. This update is pretty small anyway, I just added three Midis. (Final Fantasy X-2: Eternity, Lufia Ruins of Lore: Boss and Shining Force: Darksol Battle)
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    08.12.2005 - Code Age Commanders, again
    The official Code Age Commanders-Website is updated again, this time it's a Movie and some pics from the Square Enix Party 2005. At least the movie you should check out, and there seems to be also some kind of "special edition" of CaC, but since i can't read kanji, unfortunately i can't give you further information there.

    If you haven't heard of it yet, take some time and listen to samples of Tales of Legendia. < Posted by: Vio>

    08.10.2005 - New Media.
    There was no classical media update for some time now. There was much other stuff to update and so I didn't... ah crap, I just forgot to upload all the stuff I've gained ^^; The new images can be found in the Breath of Fire, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, Shining and Tales of-galleries. There's also one new wallpaper in the Final Fantasy wallpaper section.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    08.07.2005 - Retrospective.
    Thanks to DelSol, there's a new series covered in the retrospective section online.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    08.02.2005 - Tales of Update
    Tales of Abyss is the next "Tales of"-game that will enlargen the series by yet another PS2-title. You might want to take a look at the first two character-screenshots and -artworks from Luke and Tear - and be sure to check out the first impressions of the "Tales"-world in the Story-section as well!
    < Posted by: Vio>

    08.01.2005 - PSP wallpapers.
    Another set of PSP wallpapers has been added to the corresponding section.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    07.31.2005 - Update blowout 2005 #4 - Spotlight section
    Most of the pre-play spotlights have been updated with additional information after many of the covered games have already been released in Japan. One new game has been added, it's Lunar: Dragon Song
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    07.29.2005 - Update blowout 2005 #3 - PSP wallpaper
    Part three of this years after-exam update. This time, I added some wallpapers that fit the resolution of the PlayStation Portable. I thought that might be neat after the wallpaper feature has been added to the PSP.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    07.27.2005 - Update blowout 2005 #2 - Listen, Watch, Relive, Enjoy
    Let's move on with the post-exam-update-blowout. This time, I added something that's completely new to this page. During the last weeks, I created four wallpapers (every piece in three standard sizes) as a "Wallpaper Series". Those four images symbolize main aspects of RPG gaming - music, graphics, memories and epic moments. If you like the idea of RPG-O-Mania exclusive wallpaper series', I'm going to create more in the future.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    07.25.2005 - Update blowout 2005 #1.
    It's already late, and I'm finally finished with todays update. Most of the "digital music" pages have been renamed so that they actually fit their content - they're now called "emulated music". Thanks go to Kilu for that notification. I have tracked again, so there is a new tune in the remaining "tracked music" section. Since I didn't update much picture the last few weeks, I thought it would be nice if I'd update a bunch of the. New pics can be found in the following galleries: Breath of Fire, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, Lunar, Tales Of (Symphonia this time) and Zelda. Next time, a new retrospective created by DelSol will be online as well as a new spotlight article.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    07.23.2005 - Going all out.
    Now that exams are finally over, I can finally do all the updates I wanted to do for the past few weeks. So be prepared for tons of new updates in the near future. The first thing that has changed is the new main page - since Vios news posts are quite informative, I re-organized the main page so that the news can not be overseen anymore.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    07.21.2005 - Code Age Commanders on the roll
    The official Code Age Commanders-Website get's another major update, this time some detailed information about Kou Shibasaki which does the song "Memory Pocket" for CaC. And it finally got an release-date, it will hit shelves in japan on October, 13, so be prepared to pre-order - if you can read kanji, that is.
    < Posted by: Vio>

    07.19.2005 - Radiata Release-date
    The official Website of Square-Enix (North America) states that Radiata will be shipped to US retailers on September 6 this year. So if you haven't got the $49.99 yet, it's a good time to think about starting to save some money for the Radiata Release!
    For more information (short Story-preview), check out the official Press-release.
    < Posted by: Vio>

    07.17.2005 - New galleries filled with old stuff.
    I restructured the gallery and wallpaper section. Two new galleries have been opened: the Xeno gallery and the Code Age wallpaper gallery. Two new wallpapers are to be found there, and four new pics in the Xeno gallery. Tell you what? It's damn hot in here. But since it's so hot here, a warm welcome goes to Vio!
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    07.16.2005 - Code Age Commanders-Site updated.
    There is quite a lot of information now available on the official Code Age Commanders-Website. You might want to check out the new character-profiles, some (very short, but nevertheless interesting) battle-system movies in the "system"-section and finally a -great- new wallpaper. There is even a little flash which seems to explain some aspects of the game, but i'm not too sure about this, since i can't read anything at all. The Code Age Archives (the manga) site also got some updates, real Code Age-Fans might want to check that out as well.
    In other news, yeah - hello, i'm Vio and helping DocOwer from now on a little bit with the News-Feed. I hope you like what you see, so be sure to give DocOwer some feedback what should/should not be included in future News-updates. Thanks for reading and enjoy the CaC-news!
    < Posted by: Vio>

    07.14.2005 - Tilt.
    Exams are getting harder now. I'm right in the middle of everything, which makes updates for this site difficult, so sorry about that once again. I found some nice pictures a few days ago which I uploaded so that there's at least a small update today. The new pics can be found in the final fantasy, miscellaneous, Tales of and Valkyrie Profile galleries.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    07.10.2005 - Music section reorganized.
    If you click onto the Music-button on the left side of this page, you can take a look at the reorganized music section. Thanks a lot to Kilu for informing me that the old organization was illogical.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    07.06.2005 - Something here, something there.
    Right in the middle of my exams, I felt the urge to do a update for this site - a little diversification is good for your mind. There is a new wallpaper category available. Although not really an RPG, I listed Another Code in the RPG wallpapers section. It's actually just a RPG without combat, anyway. There is another Another Code artwork to be found in the miscellaneous artworks gallery. I also added some other artworks to the Lunar and Zelda galleries.
    < Posted by:

    07.02.2005 - Playing the role of a web magazine.
    It's been time for a new spotlight. This time, I covered Lunar Legend. The Shining Force Neo preplay-spotlight has also been updated with the most recent informations available. I will update all of the older preplay-spotlights the next few days.
    < Posted by:

    06.26.2005 - Laughter.
    Another small one. There's a new comic in the "Doci Fantasy" section online.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    06.25.2005 - Even smaller.
    A very little one today. Added two great Code Age: Commanders wallpapers. Thanks to Vio for informing me about their existence.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    06.23.2005 - Just like last time.
    This day does not suck like Sunday did, but the update is not much different. Some pics have been added to the Grandia, Breath of Fire and Lunar galleries as well as the Lunar wallpaper section.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    06.19.2005 - Media update.
    Hmph, This day really sucks. To do at least something positive, I updated some of the bromides to the Lunar-gallery. Hope this lightens at least your day.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    06.16.2005 - Final Fantasy: Crystal Caravan Cultures
    It took some time (more than half a year, cough cough), but it's finally open for the open public: "Final Fantasy: Crystal Caravan Cultures" is the new name of the former "FFCC-Shrine". You can take a look here, it will get its own subdomain soon.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    06.12.2005 - Weekly updates?
    Don't get my wrong, I'm not planning to switch over to a system of weekly updates... I still try to update this site as often as I can, but facing nine horrific exams, I can't spare more time here right now. Yet, today I added a couple of nifty Lunar images. I also worked on the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Shrine of this page, but I could not finish that until today. I did not want to postpone an update any longer, but stay tuned, it'll be a big surprise!
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    06.06.2005 - Mea culpa.
    A big sorry goes to DelSol, I didn't adapt some informations while converting the infos he sent me to HTML. Now there's no information left out in the Lunar-Retrospecitve anymore.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    06.05.2005 - Spotlight on: Code Age Commanders.
    Square-Enix's new franchise looks pretty neat, judged from the few things we already know. I collected some infos about the game, it's in the spotlight-section.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    06.03.2005 - Nothing special.
    I really blew out everything I had last sunday - So I'm lacking stuff to update right now. To show you that I do think about the page, there have been made some corrections and updates in the History-section.

    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    05.29.2005 - Second update.
    It's cool, isn't it? Two updates on one day, and two big ones on top of that. There are many new images at the Star Ocean and Breath of Fire galleries and some new wallpapers in the Breath of Fire section. RPG-O-Maniology has been updated as well.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    05.29.2005 - Oh my, oh my.
    I really slacked off the last few days. But neither my studies nor the weather or friends were really taking care of me so that I can update like you're used to. Big sorry. Thanks to DelSol, we've got a bigger update today. The retrospective-section now contains a Lunar-corner.

    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    05.26.2005 - No Zelda, still some link.
    Oh my, I was really surprised that Chudah's Corner would link to me right after I joined their forums. It has always been a great website, but websites with cool webmasters are even greater. Thanks a lot! Of course, there's a new link to Chudah's Corner in the links section now.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    05.22.2005 - There was an update, but no news announcing it.
    Hm, sometimes things like this seem to happen. I added two wallpapers to the "Shining" wallpaper gallery, but forgot to announce it. I'm getting senile, darn.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    05.19.2005 - Big media update.
    I've got some great new artwork for you. Since I'm in a little Shining-Tears-Fever right now, most of the pictures are from this game. New pics can be found in the non-rpg, shining and star ocean gallery as well as in the star ocean wallpapers.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    05.16.2005 - All you wanted to know about Tri-Ace.
    Sheesh, this update surely took its time. But the result is one of the longest articles I've ever written for RPG-O-Mania. I hope you like this new Teams & Developers-Section
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    05.11.2005 - Take a look at the past, know what's real now.
    As promised, this is the first part of the bigger updates that were announced a few days ago. Sorry for updating not too much these days, but I'm a bit stressed - anyway, there's a new "Retrospective" section online, covering the history of a game series. More to come, but at least you can get an impression of what will await you there.

    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    Further planned sections are a "developers" subsection at "People Behind", where I will cover the story of Tri-Ace soon and some really big media updates.
    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    05.08.2005 - New wallpaper section.
    Zargkhon sent another set of neat wallpapers. This time, many of them covered "Wild Arms", so I had to open a new section here. Prepare for a whole bunch of big updates coming soon. :)

    < Posted by: DocOwer>

    05.06.2005 - 3 0 0 . 0 0 0
    I'm soo stunned! I knew this would happen someday, but it feels great to see the counter jump over the 300.000-visitors-mark. Thank you all so much. And thanks especially to Ruro/Klausi, who drew another beautiful image for this page.

    (this picture is also available in the Star Ocean gallery). There are several other new images and wallpapers in the Suikoden and Phantasy Star wallpaper galleries. I also added one nice image to the Suikoden gallery.

    < Posted by: DocOwer>