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2024-02-18 17:10:24

You know what I really, really don't like as a game? It's Lufia II. And it's not the fault of the game at all.

This fine RPG has all of the elements that I don't really like, crafted into one game.

Funnily enough, I really like Lufia I and "Ruins of Lore" on the GBA. But I never, ever could fairly rate part II.

So Dennis composed a nice article about the game over on Videospielgeschichten in German, and I asked him if I could translate the text and put it into the rpg-o-mania review format.

And so here it is: Our official Lufia II review! It's fair and nicely written, but I also added a commentary with my personal feelings and a bit of reasoning behind that.

posted by docower

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