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2024-02-07 17:26:46

The demo is out, the release is near, and we have another set of new Final Fantasy VII rebirth artworks available in our gallery.

As you may know from the last news entries about this topic, I'm not completely sold on the idea of Final Fantasy VII R. I mean, it's seemingly just built to live on the memories of old fans, without making sure that it itself has a consistent, logical storyline.

But as I talked with some friends, they brought up the thought that there were many ideas in the original that were just thrown in because it was cool - let's take Cait Sith for instance, who wasn't really fleshed out.

If you tried to flesh out all the characters and good ideas, you have to rework the story - and that is what the new team does.

Let's see how the fanbase reacts to Rebirth and how a final part of this series will look like. I'm pretty curious about it :)

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