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2023-10-22 14:08:46

Oh wow, there's lots of new interesting information about Final Fantasy XIV's upcoming extension "Dawntrail" available.

It looks pretty good so far. It's a new country, new places, new jobs - and what's most interesting for rpg-o-mania, new art.

I mean, you're probably not here, in this little corner of the internet, to read about news for mainstream games. :)

Anyway, the artwork is to be found in our gallery.

It's interesting how Final Fantasy XIV has become part of my life. I play it two times a week with friends, and even if things cooled down a bit now that Endwalker is out for two years, it's still a blast and more than just a game - it's the reason I enjoy playing with friends.

And yet, it's also a game to enjoy with great stories to be found here and there.

The visuals are starting to look a bit dated (especially on the PlayStation 5), and Dawntrail promises to bring new visuals, better effects and lighting, and better textures.

I'm very curious!

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