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2022-09-01 19:06:36

I added lots of artwork to our Suikoden gallery.

They're taken from the great wiki Gensopedia, but I didn't mean to "steal" any official art.

Long ago, I received permission by Konami to publish official Suikoden artwork on this site, and all of the artwork is official.

Gensopedia went down the past months after struggling with the Suikoden Fandom wiki (which stole lots of written content from Gensopedia), and I missed the great character artwork posted there. I even asked on reddit if these artworks could be found anywhere else, but I couldn't. So I checked the Internet Archive and "saved" some of the artworks.

Funny though, Gensopedia restarted just as I finished crawling the images. But I thought I'd post them here anyway, as they're pretty great and the "new" Gensopedia looks a bit gloomy, to be honest.

posted by docower

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