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2021-06-10 20:26:23

The update itself is rather small today - 4 new wallpapers in our Final Fantasy wallpaper gallery. They're from the intergrade version that just had been released on the PlayStation 5 console.

Other than that, after about 18 years now, this website has a new logo:

Up until now, we used a slanted small letter logo that was reminiscent of one of rpg-o-mania's very first logos in 2002 (back then written ...rpg-o-mania..., as it was modern back in the day). I wanted to have a modern logo that does also incorporate a visual element - hence the O with the sword was born.

I know, a sword and a shield for a RPG website is nothing too special, but this sword has a meaning - it's the one in the coat of arms of my town. And since this website was born and maintained most of the time in said town, it's just fitting. I also think the sword itself looks badass :)

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