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2020-12-31 11:04:05

So, 2020 concludes. We have some updated art assets in our Seiken galleries. They're better versions of the images already available in the past.

About 2020

It's hard to find the correct words to wish the readers of this little page a happy new year, if the past one was so shockingly different from other years in the past. The pandemic struck almost everyone I know in some way or the other, and then there's lots of private issues for so many people around the world. I don't know why fate choose this year to be especially challenging for so many, may it be big or small issues.

Let's just hope that the next year will be better, and I hope the best for all of you.

About 2021

Since i can't see into the future, it's not much use trying to do some predictions whatsoever. I honestly even don't know which games I will be playing that year, since nothing of interest for me has been announced to be released in that year. Maybe YS IX or Tales of Arise.

Starting tomorrow, rpg-o-mania has been live and constantly updated for three consecutive years. Let's hope that this works out for the next three years as well.

Up to this day, 907.801 people have visited rpg-o-mania since September 6th, 1999. That's not pretty much compared to other websites that started before the turn of the millennium, but hey, maybe we reach the millionth visitor in 2021.

All that remains is that I wish you and your families a great year without much woes, have a great time and stay as healthy as you can!

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