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2019-02-08 14:48:51

Hello and a good afternoon! Right now, I'm in the middle of creating a new set of reports, covering some noteworthy and interesting boss battles.

I already asked some friends and reddit's rpg_gamers subreddit which especially great boss battles they remember, and I've got lots of feedback which will become a new set of articles. Even the cover image already exists, but I was lacking time a bit the past few days.

I think I'll publish this new set of information piece by piece so that you can view it as soon as possible.

Aside of that, I uploaded a few nice pictures for your viewing pleasure. These images are from the Dissidia: Final Fantasy battle games and can be found in the Final Fantasy gallery.

The portraits are mostly designed by Tetsuya Nomura. I didn't like his characters for a long time, but after playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2, I can live with them.

It's really fascinating - let someone design a character you like, and suddenly you like the character style.

I also uploaded a few Xenoblade screenshots from my current playthrough.

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